Welcome to my personal law blog. I’m a law student in Texas with a perhaps unhealthy obsession with legal cases of all kinds that I come across in my studies. I love sharing interesting lawsuits and trials with people, and with this blog I not only want to share the cases I come across but also add my own thoughts on them — what the lawyers and judges did, their strategy and execution, and if I felt the decision was the correct one. To clarify, they are not cases in which I have any personal connection or involvement.

Criminal Law

The focus of my studies is on civil law, so my expertise with criminal law is lacking. I’ve always had a lifelong fascination with criminal cases, however, so I will share the occasional criminal trial that I come across and find interesting.

Interesting Criminal Cases:

In May 2014, a 31 year old woman was charged with giving false information, among other things, when she posed as a 15 year old girl to enroll in high school and find a place to live as an “orphan”. Definitely one of the more bizarre cases you’ll hear about.

Back in 2001, a 26 year old woman drove under the influence of alcohol and drugs and hit a homeless man with her car. The man wound up with his upper body crashed through the windshield. The driver left him stuck in the windshield, seriously injured but slowly dying, over multiple days rather than calling or taking him to the hospital nearby. This was a dark case that took a number of strange turns at the trial.

Civil Law

The focus of my studies is specifically with personal injury cases, thought my course work involves learning about all aspects of civil law.

Interesting Civil Cases:

A civil jury awarded over $5 million to the victim of a negligent UPS driver that caused a traumatic brain injury. The law firm for the victim were extremely thorough in their use of documentation and expert testimony to prove the negligence on the part of the driver, and the culpability of his employer, UPS.

A landmark case for Texas was the Lawrence v. Texas case that went all the way up to the US Supreme Court. It began with two men being arrested and charged for violating the state’s “Homosexual Conduct” law and resulted in the Supreme Court rendering the law unconstitutional. Every step of this case is fascinating to learn about.